that bear I owe ya... I'm Barney, or rather barney86 (real name Дмитро Сидорчук), a Ukrainian teenage developer, mapper, writer, musician, and an artist, better known as shreder95ua or even barbaris66 (which is surprising, to say the least). I'm also the current owner of GoldBox Studio, a studio of buddies that met on the giant internet, creating games and even more.


My programming journey began in 2015, when for some reason I was reading my brother's ICT books. I was already fascinated by computers and technologies at all, but it was interesting, because well... Scratch was in it. And so, my dad (or maybe even me myself) installed Scratch 1.4 on our Windows XP netbook (that would probably explode if I ran any game except Half-Life), but, I was hooked. Then, my dad bought a better computer, I got to school, and we even traveled to Egypt! But, then I got...


by registering to scratch.mit.edu on 23 January 2018. I was really inactive, mostly just viewing and playing random games, and only at the end of 2019 I uploaded my first (cringy) project. If you really wanna dig the rabbit hole that is my old account, you're free to click this link, but in summary, I was basically a weirdo on Scratch. Not gonna lie, Scratch'es community was already weird as f██k, considering that it's a kids platform, but even for that platform I could be labeled as a weirdo.

Meet Flaffy, FlaffyTheBest (real name Дар'я Таран/Darya Taran), a Ukrainian scratcher that unfortunately loved the russian Scratch Community. Even after many sightings of her being a victim of multiple harassments and her account hacked because of it, she still was a giant follower of it. EVEN AFTER THE F██KING WA-

We were friends at the time, but considering you know how cringy I was at the time, you could've guessed what happened next. At that time, there was an another weirdo called Морозов Рома (Morozov Roma), who would make weird animations about uh... quote, "sending scratchers to jail". WOW. And well, the community hated him to the point that he got even animations, music, and games to flex on him.

Flaffy also joined the trend, by making a game "Жрать Ключи" (reupload) on Scratch. It was a simple game in which you had to avoid keys, in which the main character was Morozov. Well, you can guess what Roma's reaction was, but the thing that you couldn't guess was my cringy reaction. Just because Roma's character was a creeper (quick explanation, my character had a creeper T-shirt at the time) SOMEHOW, I WAS SO F██KING ANGY, I LITERALLY MASS-REPORTED THE PROJECTS. yea, you can tell i was a weirdo ;)

Flaffy then made a project crying about it (unfortunately it's lost media rn), and in that project's comments I typed stuff like "it was me" and "you deserved it" kind of stuff.

This was a beginning of an idiotic war against me and Flaffy, where I even leaked her name from Instagram. Fortunately, the war ended with "peace". Of course, rSC still is crying about it, and even recently doxxed me recently because of actions I did as a literal 9 year old. Yeah... I still continued on creating projects, but not that actively, because I begun learning new programming languages, like HTML5 and Python.

Raspberry Pi

Then, in the benninging beggining of 2021, my dad bought me a Raspberry 400, a simple yet epic portable computer, which was cool because I had a personal space for my projects, and now uh... i could crash it like a hundred times. YIPEE-

I was mostly creating Python projects, like a notepad, and even a whole programming language I'll talk about later, but it was mostly just simple stuff. But then, I got the...

The "real" deal!

Somewhere in the same year, a friend of my dad said that he had some useless PC's which he would happily give us for free, and now I'm using one of them to write it. As one trained in the Force, you know true coincidences are rare.

But y'know he won't sell us them for free if they had RTX on graphics. My PC is literally from 2006 and can't even ran GZDoom properly. How do ya think that feels? PRETTY BAD.

But still, at least with something in my hands, I begun the "real" programming. 1 random test game, 3/4 cancelled projects, millions of weird as f██k websites - I'm not even scratching the surface! Also, about "scratching", at that point I left Scratch for good... not for long of course! >)


In 2022, I was updating that old programming language "META_CODE" to something bareable, and that's where a revolution in programming no one heard about started. It was really early in development, not even including operators, and the script loading was literally impossible, but it was so easy, you didn't even had to use " characters. Eventually, the language sadly never saw the light of day and fell harder than kwebbelkop. THE END.

wait, you were reading MY story. lets continue.


During my time on Twitch, a fellow streamer called "BigDrifterMan" suggested me as a developer a cool server on Discord called "Ігровари", and it was really a great time with them. Through it, I discovered an another one called "ChromaEmprire". CE always supported me and my projects, and it was basically a good place to be in. Well, not for long unfortunately... because...

Supra Cow

In 2023, I begun working on a meme game "AIEOU cow", in which you... jump over trampolines and break boxes... AND THIS WAS SOMEHOW A- A- F██KING HALF-LIFE FAN GAME?!

Yeah, you can tell this is a meme game, but it then quickly turned into the biggest franchise I probably did. While making it, on CE, I met WlodekM, a fellow Scratch developer, and a pretty good one. He's mostly a TurboWarp guy, but when I met with him, we were mostly talking about Scratch. I showed him my cow game, and we begun talking about it's sequel. Then, on CE, Ellaker, another active member there agreed to help me with the sequel too. And he redrew the cow from a dog to the best cow in existence. Then, we created our own server "Supra Cow development".

CE conflict

Later, just as a joke I typed "if this message gets 5 :cow2: reactions, the server's cow will have a cow on it". Alex, the server's owner then literally begun crying about it, like "i don't like the game" and "no i wont!!!11 gr" and the other mods begun joking about it, spamming "супра ковскіє бєси, вон з хроми" in #general. In opposition, I too spamed the cow emoji, but unlike them, me and WlodekM got banned. Alex was really angy at me in DMs, but he for some reason didn't unban me, and just shitted on Supra Cow in DMs. The conflict was really long, and CE still has a lot of controverises surrounding it. But well, this story is about me of course! So, let's continue.

GoldBox Studios

In the spring of 2023, I renamed our "Supra Cow Development" to "GoldBox Studio", which created the beloved studio I own. I got this idea while searching for an emoji in our server, and found an image of a box with the lambda logo... yeah. As I say "we're making games with boxes". Then we continued working on Supra Cow 2, and even created new projects.


But then, on 19.07.23, my account on Discord was suspended without any emails or explanations. It was a stressful situation, and I asked for help on Meower. My choice was Revolt - and Open-Source alternative to Discord without bulls██t like Nitro, NFT scams or the useless name changes. On meower, I messaged my homies to join the new Revolt server.

Yes... this is the end of the story. And I have no idea why you just read it. Well, hope ya liked it >)